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The Sunshine Academy is a Christian family owned private language school.  It is located in Hyuga, Miyazaki prefecture, Kyushu island where is in south eastern part of Japan. 

The school is looking for a qualified teacher at an entry or beginner level, who:
- Is fluent in spoken English language (FYI- North American accent is taught at the school),
- Is familiar with written English grammar,
- Has been raised and educated in English speaking environment,
- Has a bachelor or higher degree (it is essential to acquire a working visa),
- Have passion to educate people especially children,
- Commits to work for at least 2 years (the first 6 months are observed as probation period) in a rural town setting,
- Is in good health to carry out 40 classes per week,
- Has no criminal record nor use of narcotic drugs, and
- Has willingness to proactively participate in community events.

Work hours are Modified Annual Working Hours from April 1 to March 31 every year.  Average weekly working hours during a year does not exceed forty (40) hours.  Classes are held between 9 am and 9 pm.  Monthly work shift will be given by the first day of each month.

Day-off is to be scheduled at least one day per week and total number of holidays is more than 86 per year including  (1) Sunday, (2) National Holidays, (3) Summer 1 week, (4) Year ending and new year 2 weeks.

Remuneration: Starting from Yen 2,880,000 per annum.  Tax, public health insurance, public pension premium, housing, transportation between accommodation and the school, and any other living costs shall be borne by the employee.   (FYI- a predecessor survived with his wife and two children under the same condition)  The amount can be adjusted depending on skills.

Transition costs: An economy class one-way air ticket from the contractor's present location to Miyazaki will be bought by the employer.  A returning ticket shall be provided upon the end of contract.

Visa:  A working visa is essential to work in Japan.  The employer will sponsor the visa and it usually takes a few months for a result by an immigration office.  Therefore, the starting date shall be set after 3 month from date of agreement.  In case the visa is declined, the agreement is deemed as invalid.

Any question? Ask Ken by email (info@sunshineacademy.net)

Hyuga is a peaceful town, which has 63,000 population.  Many shops and restaurants are in town.  Number of expatriates residing in town is over 20.  
It is close to both beach and mountains.  The Okuragahama beach hosted an international surfing championship organized by the International Surfing Association.  It is ideal place for surfers.
The Mennonite Hyuga Church is providing bilingual service.

(View from a class room)